TMA – Segment 1: Doug holds AVIS car rental accountable

There’s a new patio at the Cardinals spring training facility, it poses new challenges for Plowsy and Question of the Day, discussing interesting player tweets, Mozeliak groans during his stroll past the table, Plow Boy has befriended John Mabry already, Darin is awkward when it comes to group pics, what is in the hopper for Question of the Day, explaining how Greg Maddux is sneaky vile, discussing the FLA living arrangements, American Airlines lost the Plow Boy’s pink suitcase, Doug shares is AVIS horror story, Producer Joe and Barnhart Brawler take issue with Vaughn, remembering the courtesy shuttle fiasco last year, now Doug’s bitching about children on airplanes, Plow Boy is eavesdropping on Matheny’s media scrum, Doug tried to take video and got shut down, Tim’s going to lube up with sunblock, we’re not on HD-2 anymore due to circumstances beyond our control, the Gong did not travel to Florida, Claibs swings by the picnic table, Roderick talks about his weight loss, there was a Free Dotem banner at Mardi Gras.