TMA – Segment 1: Doug gets scammed on used furniture (again)

We’re excited about Bunchy Donovan’s return to the program, Jay was drinking at Delmar Gardens with an Elvis impersonator apparently, did the Cardinals season truly die on the Broxton catch, Douglas might be getting scammed selling used furniture on eBay again, Fredsy got burned on eBay once also, Plowsy still wants to do a 590 Garage Sale, has Vaughn used Causual Encounters on Craigslist, what about the Facebook Marketplace, people are trying to get Doug’s banking info, Iggy refused a job in Toronto because he didn’t want to a roommate, work-shopping Doug’s eBay issue, would Jennings engage in coitus with Julia Ormond, Doug wants us all to make a billion dollar pact for Draft Kings, will listeners start having more children in honor of Tim, Ben Fred got a new lid from Jennings before Iggy, will FS1 Doug be scarce now that he’s throwing in the towel on baseball this season, are more roster moves coming, what will the attendance numbers look like the rest of this month, do fans have unrealistic expectations, Kroenke stories, would any of us have stayed at our house in the wake of the Hurricane in Houston.