TMA – Segment 1: Doug encounters yet another Apex Predator

Jennings is in for The Cat today, what did Doug do with his evening off from KMOV, more Game of Thrones talk, where is Gooldsy this morning, what are Vaughn’s thoughts on the Cardinals improved play as of late, highlights from our Vivian Azure interview last week, what does Doug think of Green Day, when’s the last time Beetlejuice was on with Stern, Tim officially recommends the show Ozark, did Green Day burn down St. Louis, where did Rickie Fowler encounter Tiger Woods, what was in Tiger’s toxicology report, why doesn’t Howard Stern reset during interviews, Doug survived another Apex Predator yesterday, Jennings doesn’t want Vaughn to handle tools personally, Fescoe is championing a Blues move to Kansas City, where would Tiger rank on Tour now, Tim breaks down his team’s performance at St. Alban’s, what are the odds for a Hole in One, Johnny Venus was the fella who scored the ace, Mt. Rushmore of local Country Clubs, Doug Vaughn once hit an eagle putt in front of Bob Goalby, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel, what is Pansexual exactly.