TMA – Segment 1: Doug and French Fries got a Divorce

We want Doug hockey-ism’s and Macarena themed jingles, fry talk, how lithe and sinewy is Doug’s body now, he and fries had a falling out, Iggy tells us about his pizza and side dish, Plowsy owns a deep fryer, are Tater Tots misunderstood, Plow Boy has many appliances however he does NOT have a microwave, previewing tonight’s TMA Live in Webster Groves, is Doug still on the Fan Page, flat breaking down Game 2 of the World Series and Culberson getting too animated after hitting a HR, does Iggy still talk to Anna Benson, previewing an epic Thursday Night Football contest, did Anna Benson block Iggy on Twitter, are they still tweeting a bunch of GIF’s at 101, The Cat missed a Cardinal birthday yesterday, Tommy Pham had an interesting Twitter beef, Anna liked Iggy’s tweet, are there some people who flourish in prison, #FunWithAudio from Mike Francesa, Plowsy had some delicious treats at the hockey game last night, fry sauce discussion, Tim has knowledge on Olive + Oak.