TMA – Segment 1: Discussing the Dotem Open & Cardinals trade talk

Tim’s mic isn’t working, hello to Chuckles Marlow, is Martin more fun to work with than Doug, Buck Swope just sent over photos from the Free Dotem Open, did Doug end up playing with Cucky, Terry Yake’s team had an impressive showing, Doug encountered Cucky in the bathroom wearing a gimp mask, when is PGA Pro Dan facing the Cuckster, Iggy witnessed golf greatness by Cletus yesterday, people are calling ahead to reserve their gallery spot for Tim vs. Jennings, will Iggy caddy for Jay Jr., Doug remembers Brittany Skye, Big Al stories, detailing the FB Live coverage of Duel in the Sun II, figuring out that 960 beers were drank by 1:30pm at the Free Dotem Open, more on Buck T. Swope including the upcoming Iggy ‘sode, what happens when Doug has 3-4 beers, Tim reviews his polls regarding the Cardinals playoff chances and activity at the trade deadline, Charlie would be more interested in somebody from the Marlins rather than Donaldson, Doug is down on Giancarlo Stanton, can the Cardinals do a true rebuild, how does draft pick compensation impact a potential Lynn trade, Doug thinks the biggest need is pitching but Charlie disagrees.