TMA – Segment 1: Deke Dotem defends our pal Stingray

Deke Dotem jumped to Stingray’s defense on Twitter yesterday regarding his appearance on Tosh.O, podcast talk, Deke continues to troll Dan Marshall on Twitter, The Cat confuses Tosh and Anthony Jeselnik, remembering Vinny Favorito’s visit, Iggy kept his word to pass along Stingray’s pilot, he’s been great for Hail State, does Iggy have an update on feet for tomorrow’s TMA Live in Edwardsville, discussing the merits of hot 40 year-old women with Kenny Strode plus topless resorts, Vaughn doesn’t want to go to Mexico and is distancing himself from Victor, who is Nicola and how did Iggy turn her into a lesbian, Doug should write a letter to Victor for the holidays, there is now a TMA Fan Page podcast, why won’t Doug like their page, Plowsy talked about popping a boner on Tim’s podcast yesterday, Iggy guarantees Hustler Club participation tomorrow night.