TMA – Segment 1: Day 1 of a reformed Deke Dotem?

It’s Day 1 of Deke Dotem’s reprieve, will he show up in the cuck studio, Barstool Fred apparently got fired, The Cat invites Doug to his cage, recapping the AFC / NFC Party, Nicksy was chain smoking and taunting the Patriots, the flu is running rampant in STL, talking Tom Brady and greased poles in Philly, Dotem texts in and it’s not remotely vile, discussing Dover Sole and other seafood items, will Iggy bond with a starlet at the AVN’s, Lana Rhoades doesn’t have an agent now, Strode would sweep a stripper stage for cash, does the Dover Sole serve two at Olive + Oak, Doug prefers a Cattleman’s Cut of steak, thoughts on sharing entrees with the whole table, discussing veal and bitchin’ french fries, up next we’re talking Wagyu Beef and Tuna, did Iggy find the ‘Load it up’ guy yesterday, should gentlemen shave their shrubs, 101’s Randy Karraker rapped with Murphy Lee, it’s fun when two animals become friends, Mike Lee joins the program, should we refrain from giving Fan Pager’s “government” names on air, Iggy stopped posting his top nude scenes, when are he and Biff flying first class to Las Vegas, will Iggy reconsider not attending the AVN Award show proper, Doug is continuing to do rants on KMOV.