TMA – Segment 1: Congratulations are doled out around the dais

It’s a rare Marlow & The Cat combination hosting alongside Tim today, it’s the Goldberg Cup with the Royals in town, discussing Homer Bailey, there are a lot of congratulations to pass around here today, Plowsy spent plenty of time alone in the woods while away, detailing Iggy’s improbable win over PGA Pro Dan at Normandie, congrats to the Sea Monster on his engagement, discussing Warner’s Hall of Fame speech and the Netflix show Ozark, Iggy was in contact with Tim’s latest up and coming starlet, Charlie had a nice little weekend, The Cat is getting his son some golf clubs, how bored must David Letterman be to attend a Cardinals vs. Reds game, more Redbirds chatter, are they truly in the playoff race or not, from a media standpoint the club has been quite candid this season, will the Cards finally get to .500 again tonight, discussing Chris Stapleton tunes, Beercats encountered THE Joshua recently plus remembering how Joshua’s music led to the Colby Rasmus trade, Mrs. Scott’s Wrinkled Ballsack agreed to go with Iggy to see Lady Gaga, where is Doug this week, The Cat had a terrible time getting back from Milwaukee last week, how much paternity leave will Tim take, much of our staff is adulting these days, talking Caesar’s column, when is the last time Tim was at a stag bar, discussing the name Flozell, Tim would like his son to stay out of the TMA limelight.