TMA – Segment 1: Congrats to Charles “Big Daddy” Marlow

It’s press conference Wednesday and Vivian Azure’s debut on Brazzers, the Cardinals are coming tra la tra la, Tim flat breaks down the standings and upcoming schedule, anybody check on Fescoe after these 2 games, the Redbirds now have a 28% chance to qualify for the post-season, is it time to sell on the Brewers or Rockies, Fescoe is still playing games on Twitter, Sean Mahoney’s Dead Eye phones in to congratulate Charlie on his impending fatherhood, this program produces a lot of bro’s, the Plow Boy is now FB official with his lovely lady friend, The Cat shares pictures of his son at the zoo, how concerned is Chuck about the gender of his baby, how do Amish people get to the zoo, seems the Marlows conceived the same weekend of the wedding, Brenden Schaeffer needs to monetize his HOT TAKES rather than giving them away on Twitter, Tim has some polls to talk about, comparing the Hall of Fame resumes for Yadi and Edmonds, discussing the I Love Lucy cast, Jimmy Ballgame has a sick WAR, Iggy updates on his quest to book Vivian Azure, what’s the proper pronunciation of Brazzers, The Cat will enjoy some wings around 9 tomorrow morning, ESPN released a list of top black athletes that didn’t include Tiger, discussing if The Cat’s son will grow up to be an agent, what happened to the Jewish Jordan, why are people still debating Kaepernick, ESPN’s list had Simone Biles at #8.