TMA – Segment 1: Chuck Marlow, FS1 Doug, and Bruce in Shoes

Charlie Marlow is in today but he looks uncoordinated, Tim was listening to Howard Stern on demand this morning, the Cardinals pennant race is really heating up, FS1 Doug has takes on Mike Leake’s hair, Tim is still pimping the secret menu at Kirkwood Brewhouse, will Kris Bryant play this weekend, Doug isn’t happy with head-first slides, why does Yadi have so much fun playing for teams other than the Cardinals, more baseball banter, did last night’s game impact the Doyle number, Charlie talks about Kirby Puckett going to Bradley, does Chuck drink by himself, what did Marlow make of the first ever Game of Thrones episode, who gave the best speech at Charles’ wedding, Rich Gould stole the show when these nuptials were exchanged, Bruce calls in from New York, why is Andy Cohen the top gay, Bruce and Iggy clash over Johnny Weir, discussing Steve Bono, when will Bruce come back to the STL, how can Doug tinker his approach to get to FS1, Charlie talks Jim Tressel, updating The Open’s scores, #FunWithAudio to what might have been a Dotem reference on the broadcast, how are Tim’s many fantasy teams performing thus far, is Mickelson a sneaky good play, he has a lot of Spieth exposure, Vaughn isn’t happy with the grounds and golf gloves.