TMA – Segment 1: Charlie Marlow and motley Mizzou talk

We have politically aligned seating with Chuck in studio today, Marlow came straight from bed this morning, what time does he go to bed after his evening newscast, Mrs. Marlow enjoys this fine presentation, discussion of nocturnal urination, Iggy whips Doug with a headphone cable, Tim and Chuck are finally reunited, what if babies could talk right away, John Vaughn was potty trained early, discussing Charlie’s news team including Jasmine, Tim got cut for wearing a watch at basketball practice, what’s Anne Heche doing now, discussing the latest Fan Page drama, charcoal is the move with BBQ, Doug wants Tim to stay woke after the Rockies lost, the Cardinals blue caps looked sharp in Cincy last night, has Doug given up on this ball club, did a Mizzou player call out the team’s new outfits, Vaughn rants about the uniforms yet again, can the Tigers cover 19.5 against Auburn, when are we going to pony up in Starkville with Stingray, are rocks an issue at Mizzou, discussing the precipitous fall of this football program, how secure is Barry Odom now, inside baseball on the local TV news business, what’s the longest hole at Tower Tee, looking at the Email of the Month standings, talking chicken wings and other foodstuffs, discussing Doug’s workout regimen, Charlie talks Toledo natives, Katie Holmes is tall, Iggy’s got knowledge on her topless scene, most popular actresses from St. Louis, recruiting Kenna James for TMA Live.