TMA – Segment 1: Celebrating 13 years of this fine presentation

Wow wow wow can you believe it’s been a baker’s dozen of years for this radio program, who’s the biggest celebrity to ever appear on this presentation, checking out some classic pictures of the show, seems fitting that we’re having major technical issues today, we’ll just create our drops on the fly, Vaughn wonders if we’ll make another 13 years, Iggy has stories, Cam in Colorado opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, thanking our many fine sponsors, this show has a wide delta, why did Robert Duvall not appear in The Godfather III, Big Al phones into the program, deep tease as there will be an #FFF with Kimmy Granger in studio on Friday, recapping what happened with the show and Teri Weigel, her husband Merle died recently, is Doug a storyteller or a journalist, talking Cardinals plus Harrison Bader, what exactly is up with Dexter Fowler, since De Jong returned only Giancarlo has homered more, #FunWithAudio from Lance Lynn’s post-game on FS Midwest, we have some sweet new t-shirts available.