TMA – Segment 1: Cardinals capture the Joel Goldberg Cup

Our start was delayed a tad today, it’s still sunny today despite the weather because the Cardinals swept their in state rivals, has anyone checked on Fescoe, the team was clearly emotional after being awarded the Goldberg Cup, can Steve in Wildwood continue his hot email streak, did Dex do a Ken Griffey Jr. stroll after homering, the Cardinals keep having good fortune with Moss’ near HR as the latest example, they’re truly back in the thick of things now considering the Wild Card could be attainable as well, are the Pirates legit too, The Cat is having a phone malfunction, #FunWithAudio from Lance Lynn’s FSM post-game, more audio from Charlie reading a schedule on Fox 2, we made news by interviewing Cat Lady Korie yesterday (but were not attributed), Jennings updates us on Korie’s situation, what would happen if THE Rally Cat magically reappears on the field at Busch Stadium, Grounds crew member Lucas had well-polished answers by the time The Cat interviewed him again on TV, Fescoe watch is taking place on the Fan Page, who is KC City manager, discussing the rivalry KC feels for STL, lots of reaction on the text line, how did the Rams winning the Super Bowl impact the vitriol across the state, the Greatest Show on Turf was like cocaine for Tim, that Behler fella on Twitter is a snootful, fun facts on Johnny Mathis, should the Ukraine be considered Europe or Asia, we take a caller from Kansas City.