TMA-Segment 1: Bitcoin chatter, car flipping topic day 3, TMA in the wilderness

We have creamer this morning. Almonds are good for you. Doug doesn’t know how to unblock people on Twitter. Plowsy played poker last night. Hot Shots is a mouth party. Billikens had plane issues last night and couldn’t get back to St Louis. Last year the bus driver was drunk. Bad luck at St Bonnie. Bob Lanier had big feet. Charlie still has a savings bond from 20 years ago. It’s gained 2 bucks. Doug still high on Bitcoin. Mt Rushmore of Bob’s. The Cat was on KMOX last night. Plowsy has his space heater on broil. A little Kennedy talk. Nancy Pelosi talked for 8 hours yesterday. Charlie had trouble cashing Doug’s check. Jeffery Dohmer talk.¬†