TMA – Segment 1: Baseball banter, breast-feeding, and Iggy’s B-day

Who is this Craig Mish fella, is it true that Stanton isn’t interested in St. Louis, The Cat doesn’t think this Twitter report makes any sense, this instigates an FS1 Doug rant, Iggy received an unexpected birthday gift from a listener, did Fescoe or Steve in Wildwood trademark Tired of it, what does it mean when Doug disqualifies a listener, Tim gives his Gallup poll results, how likely is tonight to be Lance Lynn’s last start with the Cardinals, will Jaime enjoy Minnesota, Big Al joins the program with b-day wishes for Iggy, The Cat has tips about the birthing process, more on Lynn’s situation in St. Louis, Tim went to a breast-feeding class last night, Doug holds Zach Duke accountable, discussing countertops and wicker proper, how many leggy blondes listen to the presentation, Iggy talks about his naps, would girls ever describe themselves as stout, eunuchs scrape, we have some new TMA Anniversary shirts, how will the station celebrate as a whole, Frank’s been doing The Press Box for like 21 years, our listeners are hot, talking about Mrs. Ballsack and if Doug remembers her, Iggy disses the CJ6, more factions are spouting on the Fan Page everyday, what is Plow Boy’s role in the Goob 11, Tim’s golf companions are interested in the listeners’ wives, Darin on how subpar dudes keep their gals in Canton, why would a fella have lots of pictures of his male friend and wife, is Pevely a good track.