TMA – Segment 1: Baby Boomers, Jim Norton, and Lern on Iggy

Missouri basketball is a fun team to watch, Plow Boy wants Doug to stop suckling the teet of Social Security, talking about elderly drivers, we have a caller from Jersey to talk about the AVN’s, recalling ole Mickey Carroll and New Jersey knowledge, Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain have split, Iggy talks Anna Cardente and cattle auctions, we are excited to have both Jim Norton and Joe Thomas on the program tomorrow, what happened to Opie and Anthony, talking HBO’s Crashing, Mark calls in to tell us about Jim Norton, talking about The Cat’s podcast, Lern from KSHE wasn’t sure what to make of this TMA cast, The Cat interrogates Iggy, the Gong takes a fall, Mike Kelly escalated our radio war with KMOX, recalling how Mrs. Tribbers text in about Lisa Ann.