TMA – Segment 1: AVN Intrigue and Lisa Ann Dating Game

There’s a wide delta of temperatures this week, we want to see Doug in shorts, Prod Joe went underground for a minute after the Georgia loss, Iggy is putting in requests for AVN interviews already, a porn kingpin didn’t realize that Kenny and Iggy are the same person, how often is porn just an advertisement for these girls to escort, Iggy doesn’t dance much, talking Kendra Lust and Teagan Presley, porn and prison wallet talk, how did Traci Lords decide on her name, how do people know that Nicole Aniston’s new scene is her first anal, more on Iggy judging Miss Hotshots, should Lern be fearful of Iggy, where did Doug dine out for dinner last night, Caller Adam checks into the show, should Mr. Tribbers and his lady be the favorites to potentially hook up with Lisa Ann, will she cuck Scott’s Wrinkled Ballsack.