TMA – Segment 1: All-Star rants plus golf & country music chatter

Welcome to Ben Fred, what is Iggy wearing today, has Strode hung out with Gary Player at Café Napoli, favorite hole at the Dotem Open, who was in Tim’s foursome, Ben wants to know about the gimp mask, HOT TAKES on Joe Maddon, Brenden Schaeffer is reaching Roderick-like levels on Twitter, Ben Fred is critical of interviewing guys while they’re playing in the All-Star Game, any thoughts on Molina being dipped in gold, Doug has passionate takes, does Yadi have more fun on teams other than the Cardinals, Larry Nickel will NOT be calling the action at Duel in the Sun II, more previewing of Friday’s festivities at Normandie, Big Al phones in to explain why he is also bailing on Friday afternoon, what makes a chalet, how many people will be in the gallery at Duel in the Sun II, Timmy the Tickler is suspended, what’s on the docket for TMA Live tomorrow, should repeat contestants be allowed in #FFF, who is Misty Plops, Plowsy needs a new mattress, how old is the Mad Hatter, deep-dive conversation on country music, should we create our own music label, would we bottom for Tim McGraw.