TMA: Seg. 3 – Kelly Chase, EOTD


Blues radio analyst Kelly Chase joins the program to discuss Game 3, The Cat is concerned about Seguin coming back and sparking the Stars Power Play … but how effective can he be if not 100% and having missed so much time, should players celebrate fight victories, what if a Cardinals player had blown a kiss with the unwritten rules in that sport, surprisingly there haven’t been any suspensions yet today, Tim is fighting a Twitter war because he tweeted a non-explicit picture of a porn star, next he explains a recent spat with an online blogger, Tim doesn’t plan to fire himself, our listeners come to Tim’s defense online, should you have separate social media accounts dedicated to trolling, The Cat likes trolling Charlie Marlow and Kyle McClellan on twitter, Tim isn’t big on lip injections, is porn better when set in a house rather than a hotel, Doug says hotel chains make good money off stag, people in Blues Talk are taking issue with Tony X being in the crowd last night, discussion about Robert Conrad, Email of the Day.