TMA: Seg. 2 – Former Blue Rich Sutter, Political Talk

Steen, Backes score twice as Blues rout Stars 6-1


Man this Ween Wednesday is sick, former Blues forward turned Sportsnet analyst Rich Sutter joins the program to discuss Game 3, why did McKenzie “turle” after instigating with Ryan Reaves last night, have you ever worked in a press box where the local media is allowed to cheer, Tim is bullish on a new starlet named Lana Rhoades but Doug isn’t sold, an update on the Fan Page vote between Trump and Hillary from last night, Ted Cruz accidentally elbowed his wife and had an awkward hand hold with Carly Fiorina, #AudioFun with politics, examining how Trump eviscerated the other GOP candidates, Doug wants the debates to be de-emphasized, Caller Ellen takes a shot at The Cat via text, Tim thinks having the election cycle start with the Iowa Caucus is harming the GOP process, Caller Ellen now joins on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Chris is up next with a rebuttal, and that’s followed by an impatient hoosier.