TMA: Seg. 2 – Derrick Goold Joins Live


The Cardinals rarely use the same lineup twice and team has yet to figure out an everyday lineup, Diaz finally moved up in the lineup to leadoff to give Carpenter a much needed day off, why were batting averages for a season and career so much higher back in the day compared to today’s game? Doug explaining how biased sports reporters were back then and if they hated you then they would portray you in a negative fashion. Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch sits down with the boys to talk about Cardinals baseball, Goold tells a story about covering Joel Quenneville’s last days as the Blues head coach, Goold was shocked that Quenneville was fired and was actually watching the movie “Miracle” when the firing took place, Mike Leake left before making himself available to the media after yesterday’s start, Goold can count on one hand how many times the starting pitcher made himself unavailable to the meida, Goold was very upset when the Cardinals would play the music extremely loud in the clubhouse when media is trying to get sound bites and audio for stories, will the Cubs take off with the NL Central this year or will Cardinals or Pirates contend? Will the Cardinals finish above .500 this season? What seems to be the issue with Mike Leake and Wainwright? What position will best fit Diaz for his future?