TMA: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Doug’s not going to be much good to us today because he’s tired from doing the Power Play dance with Ryan Kelley last night, the Blues pawned that game last night, the game was sealed with a kiss by Ryan Reaves, The Cat was not impressed by the Stars goalie intrigue, where does Dallas go from here … and is their defense really the bigger problem, was Ken Hitchcock quoting The Goonies, what would have happened if that Dallas goal counted and the game had been tied 2-2, who do you like Pens or Caps, Tim was irate as many Blues fans had to wait for the Lightning game to end before NBCSN switched to our game, the Post-Dispatch screen-shot Tim’s tweet and shared #TribThis with the world, did the Plow Shark have any issues watching the game, The Cat doesn’t understand why Plowsy keeps making these predictions, Tim enjoyed some wings at 9:30pm and feels hungover, Doug says boneless wings are actually nuggets, Kid Ells was excellent again, Tim wonders how the NHL can defend the late start combined with the botched TV coverage, ticket prices weren’t that high for Game 3 and perhaps the 8:43 start has something to do with that as well, T.J. joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, is having cleavage behind the opposing bench a regular Blues strategy at this point, Brother Hebert is up next and informs us that U-Verse doesn’t even offer NHL Network, Brett was able to find the game with a bit of effort, Direct TV horror stories are shared, Dan had no audio on U-Verse for the first period, The Cat takes credit for the Fox Go app.