TMA: Seg. 1 – Live for Cinco de Mayo


The boys are posted up at Rosalita’s for an all day Cinco De Mayo remote, Thies Farm brought delicious strawberries and the Plowshark is already digging into them, Tim’s story on Joe Roderick eating taco’s from Jack In The Box and smelled up the whole building, Doug clears out the KMOV building with the smell of his frozen meal he cooked in the microwave, Tim refused to do the remote outside because it is too cold & windy, Semar & Cat were suspended from Doug even before the show started, the Cardinal’s are coming Tra la Tra la, Cat offered Tim to shadow him today for the Cardinal’s game, who will start in goal for the Dallas Stars in tonights contest? the Reeves kiss is now a big story for the Stars and Dallas media, why are all the beautiful big chested women sitting behind the opposing teams bench? The Blues are now favored to win the Stanley Cup according to Bovada, Cat giving Frank grief because he is more interested in Lindy Ruff than watching the game, Cat delivers a note to Doug that a fan at the game gave him last night, Jake Arrieta could be the best player in Major League Baseball, no one outside of Rizzo has more than 4 homeruns, the #1 player in fantasy baseball is Jose Altuve, Doug is eyeballing the egg sandwich¬†that is in front of him during the remote, guy is walking around Washington Avenue with a quilt and some golf clubs.