TMA Live from Spring Training: 1.) Stephen Piscotty, Plowboy’s Question of the Day

Stephen Piscotty on TMA

Day 3 From The Picnic Table. Mo not happy with the Picnic Table and Question of the Day. Cat had to remind Mo that he was going on with Midday Grind. Plowsy is wandering too far onto the field. Plowsy would make a good batboy. Seems Plowsy is just looking for players to wave at him. Put a shock collar on Plowsy. Stephen Piscotty joins us at the picnic table. Boys nix a few of Plowsy’s questions of the day. The texter’s give Plowsy some suggestions. Doug on board with the texter’s. Question of the Day. Fowler ran like the wind from Plowsy. Time for Matheny Scrum.