TMA Live from Spring Training: 1.) Lance Lynn, Plowboy’s Question of the Day

Day 4 from the picnic table in Jupiter. Tim running late and Cat is in the clubhouse, so Doug and Plowsy break down the weather forecast. Plowsy says he doesn’t have great questions today. Doug thinks the players have had enough of us. Plowsy hasn’t been to the beach yet. Doug breaks down his meal from last night. Cat joins the Show. Tim joins the Show. Lance Lynn joins the Show. The tent may help Plowsy corner the players. The Fan Page is now over 5000 members. Mike Lee says he isn’t calling the Show any longer. Team getting into a bus so Plowsy starts his question of the day. Not many players answering. The bus is leaving. Where are they going. Plowsy still talking but his mic has been shut off. John Vaughn calls Doug during his KMOV Live Shot. Plowsy says the players are going to the Zoo. Time for the Matheny scrum. Still no idea where the bus was going.