TMA Live from Spring Training: 1.) Brett Cecil and Aledmys Diaz

Brett Cecil (left) and Aledmys Diaz (right).

Day 2 from the picnic table. Doug has made it to Florida. Our Ankiel interview made the front page of Ankiel used to be pissed at Tim. Players don’t go out as much anymore. Players excited to see us? Did Lance Lynn tell Plowsy to F off? Brett Cecil joins the Show. Doug made a scene at the airport yesterday. He had a problem with Said while renting a car. Doug took 4 years of Spanish, but can’t speak it. Cat having no luck getting people to the picnic table. Promises of salt water taffy isn’t enough. Thinking about doing the show under a tent tomorrow. Aledmys Diaz joins the show. He was on the Southside Seaman. We were talked about on the Dan Le Batard Show.