TMA-8-1-18 Seg 2 Iggy talks Lern, Emails and Wearing Lingerie

Is the Station close to hiring a Producer. Doug clears up his Stub Hub problem. Cards say you can trust Stub Hub. Doug doesn’t trust the internet. Iggy makes a rare appearance and talks up-loading podcasts, Lern and Lingerie. Torrey Pines featured a Free Dotem with Tiger on the tee. Danny Mac posting rainbow pics. Shrewsbury Seminary Student joins the show. Our text prizes aren’t that great. Iggy not aware we are still giving out text prizes. Doug covers the Cardinals with a phone and selfie stick. Can you even fit a tushy booth on hole 12 at Bellerive. What would Doug yell at the PGA Championship. Another person was kicked off the fan page. Do you need a Jewish mom to be Jewish. If the PGA Championship has a tushy booth, it will be the last tournament ever played in St Louis.