TMA 7-30-18 Seg 1 Brother Hebert Investigating Another Fan Page Member

Cards lose. Mo says next few days should be fun. Top Golf opens this Friday. Cat had a Fresca and a Marathon bar last night. Timmy Tom Tom can wrap up EMOTD for the month with a win today. That would be 5 months in a row. Munoz had been better defensively, but not last night. Who could be moved before the trade deadline. Newcombe came with-in 1 strike of a no hitter, then was asked about tweets from 7 years ago. The Cards interested in Archer. Daddy Padre is a small man. Biff gave Doug 2 raw potato’s on Thur. Cat gave Biff his phone number. Brother Hebert investigating another Fan Page member who may be fake. Plowsy growing a beard. Does Stub Hub work. Call Biff for tickets. What’s a summer salad. Francessa sound. PGA Championship a week from today. Home owners at Bellerive dont know what player is staying at their house. Tom Kite hit the crowd in 92 at Bellerive.