TMA 7-18-18 Seg 1 Josh Hader Tweets are Discussed

Are Iggy and Plowsie better than IBON. Took Charlie all of 2 minutes to start yawning. Josh Hader gave up a 3 run bomb and his reputation. Hader’s racial and sexual tweets from a few years ago are discussed. How will the Brewers handle this. Why wouldn’t he delete those tweets. Our listeners texts are homoerotic, not homophobic. Should Hader be Suspended. Mike Francessa discusses French Fries. Plowsy didn’t play enough of the clip. Charlie breaks down the Village Bar burger. Doug likes pretty much all burgers. Tim had a bad dining experience in South Carolina. Back in the day, no one picked up their dog’s poop. Iggy picks up neighbors poop and throws it on their patio. Buck Swope keeps Show Notes as well. Doug wants a definition of a tartlet. Tim’s Mother in Law made tartlets for Doug, but Tim ate them all. Doug’s lunch in 8th grade consisted of hostess Twinkies and cherry pies.