TMA-7-12-18 Seg 1- Mark Saxon’s Article is Discussed

Cat back from Chicago. Lucas explains why 2 shows were playing at once this morning. Texters aren’t happy about it. Cat cant get on the text line. As usual, Doug wont be much good to anyone today after a Cardinal lose. It’s hard to play baseball with bad feet. Iggy is a reluctant producer. Justin in Columbia doesn’t care about email prizes. Mark Saxon’s article on Bud Norris and the headline is misleading. In many cases, the veterans are responsible to help the young players. I think we found a racist on the text line. Lucas not playing many drops. Texter’s are really vile today. Now Lucas playing random drops. Everyone stares into their phone all day long. Are the guys on the Grind smarter than us. Bob Barker was in Doug’s Tower of London Tour. A little game show talk.