TMA: 3.) Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, EOTD

Jill Stein

Show Notes:

The election, Doug thinks the third and fourth party candidates are hurting Hilary more than Trump, anything goes in this election, should you dump your significant other because of ugly feet, negotiating with your wife, Doug doesn’t understand private school, Doug and Charlie finally agree on something, Shrewsbury Seminary Student calls into the show and gets suspended for one month, Aaron Rogers speaks out about his brother Jordan being on the Bachelorette, Tim thinks family matters shouldn’t be discussed on television, Charlie talks about his brother beating him up, Tim and Charlie have an alliance, Charlie doesn’t think all the Cardinals pitchers will be back next year, Jill Stein joins the show, Stein is shocked that our major political parties are so disconnected from one another, Stein is excited about the forces that are joining behind her campaign, go to Stein’s website to get her on the ballot, Stein doesn’t want people to be afraid to vote for her, student debt is a hot topic of conversation for Stein, Email of the Day.