TMA: 3.) Cuts of the week, Email of the Day

Doug awes with his dance moves, his favorite baseball player growing up was Ken Boyer, Travis was fond of Gregg Jeffries and Ray Lankford, Denman’s family has traditionally been Braves fans, Doug says there wasn’t a lot of Cardinals games on TV until the mid-80’s, where does Chris like to frequent downtown, Gonorrhea is becoming resitant to antibiotics oh no, Chris had a doctor give him an angry lecture about Americans’ dependence on antibiotics, Travis shares a story of a man who perished because his wife squeezed his testicles for 5 straight minutes, does Doug come from noble heritage, Travis has a crush on one of Doug’s KMOV colleagues Courtney Bryant, Matt Lauer makes $28 million on The Today Show, Travis would like to see Iggy and Gardner on a podcast with Plow Boy producing, would Doug cut loose in the podcast format, recalling Doug’s era in Miami, Doug doesn’t care for Keurig just tap water, Bandit was a rescue dog, Charlie Sheen is shopping a new reality show about him living with HIV, Travis was playing Pokemon during the middle of a business meeting, more discussion of gates around St. Louis, Bertarelli Cutlery Cuts of the Week, what is tumescent, Doug admits he would bang Raquel Welch, Email of the Day.