TMA: 3.) Brian Elliott, Email of the Day

Show Notes

We kick off the Thies Farm 9 o’clock hour with now former Blues goaltender Brian Elliott, recapping how many historically good goalies the Blues have had, Kid Ells seemed very appreciative of his time in St. Louis, Doug thinks the Flames should be ecstatic about acquiring Elliott for only a 2nd round pick, debating the merits of the Sea Monster, did the expansion draft impact the return for Elliott via trade, what should Doug get for lunch, unfortunately Plowsy just had his credit card hacked, explaining Air BnB, Caller Adam checks in with an apology for Doug, Tim always inspects hotel sheets for shrubs, are you obligated to eat with your host if you book on Air Bnb, Iggy provides #FunWithAudio and singing Muskrat Love, why did the Captain and Tenille break up, Email of the Day.

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