TMA: 2.) Rick Hummel and Random Nitwittery

The Blues lost the best 3 interviews on the team this past week, audio from David Backes’ interview session at the Westin Hotel, Doug would have overpaid to keep Backes, how excited are you to have David Perron back, is there any scenario in which the Blues are better now than they were at the end of the season, is Petro the next captain, more audio of Blues GM Doug Armstrong on the moves so far, was Backes under-appreciated in St. Louis, why doesn’t Doug rant on KMOV anymore, he’s still upset about Elliott getting traded for a pick, wedgies are in this summer, does Doug want his butt to look extra peachy, discussion of how beauty standards have changed for women, is Doug capable of playing golf yet with his shoulder, listeners are communicating via our text line, there’s a corn stalk outside of our studio window, where are our listeners meeting up on Thursday, more Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio as Cal May stumped Mike Matheny this weekend, Toni Timberfake left Timberfake and Sex Louis wants to fight her new boyfriend known as The Cable Guy, Toni is putting herself on the line in this bout, Rick Hummel recently celebrated 45 years at the Post-Dispatch and The Commish joins us to discuss everything Cardinals courtesy of Hotshots, how can we ensure an epic #FFF at our live-to-tape show at Hotshots in Ballwin on Thurs 7/28, bigger challenge in the wild card race – Dodgers or Mets, would Doug let Jennings suckle one of this toes for 5 seconds to get $1,000, four lesbians just moved across the street from Iggy and he enjoys watching them make-out, would a listener suck Doug’s toe without monetary compensation.

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