TMA: 2.) Mini Exit Poll, random nitwittery

Where is Martin Rucker running for State Rep and what’s his party affiliation, when was the last time we had a Republican mayor in St. Louis, why won’t Doug run for office, why did Chris decide to move out of downtown and did his 2 dogs play a role, Doug wants to know why we can’t provide better accommodations for the homeless, how did Chris get nicknamed The Wolf of Wash Ave, Doug calls out Chris for elitist behavior, how many gated communities are found in St. Louis, Travis claims to have never driven through West County, are houses bigger in cold weather cities, do people in larger cities drive nicer cars, mini Exit Poll time, Plowsy returns from a bathroom break and is glad the AC is fixed, will The Rock be the next James Bond, Doug very rarely drinks, Plowsy likes to get high before flights, Travis feels for Barry Odom who spent his first SEC Media Day talking about his AD’s departure, John Vaughn went to the same college as Denman, Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio as Barry Odom addressed Mack Rhoades departure at SEC Media Days, what was the Mizzou campus like back when Doug was in college, what about Doug as the new AD, realistically what about Jon Sunvold, discussing the merits of Gary Johnson’s campaign, would Doug do a Hot Tub video with We Are Live, why doesn’t Doug listen to podcasts, is Plowsy following Kitten Kaboomi and does he enjoy Pokemon.