TMA:- 2.) Gabe DeArmond, Nitwittery

Gabe joins us to recap a Mizzou win and all of the upsets on Sat. How is Mizzou a 2:30 game on CBS on Sat? Will Hitchcock last the entire season? Our listeners love to PLTD. Doug listens to talk radio. The days of Timberfake hijacking our Hot Shots remotes are over. Doug will not accept a beer from listeners if the cap is off. The Fan Page is getting a little weird. A person is accusing Charlie of getting him banned from the Fan Page. Doug cant understand the Podcast. We are on live now. Doug still has Cat blocked on Twitter, but has unblocked Charlie. Cat’s big moon tweet has 200 likes. Bowl games are for gamblers. Even die hard Blues fans weren’t excited about this years Team. It takes forever to get into the Tillies Park Christmas Light Show.