TMA: 2.) Derrick Goold on Cards, Randomness

Show Notes:

Tim might take a trip to Miami this weekend, will the Cardinals use Reyes as a start, what are the odds of the Cardinals being within 4 games of the Cubs when they play them in August, Charlie thinks the Cardinals will make it to the playoffs, what is the best Cardinals team to date, Doug thinks the Cubs are catch-able at this point, Jill Stein wants money out of politics, political advertisements, Derrick Goold joins the show but due to poor cell service is disconnected, is being a producer more nerve-racking than being the talent, Goold returns to the show, the Cardinals splitting with the Mets, Gyorko’s game play, the Cardinals search for a reliever, potential trades, Carlos Martinez, Jill Stein upcoming up at 9:30, LouFest tickets.