TMA: 2.) Curt Schilling and more political talk

Can videos be photo shopped, Text of the Day and Email of the Day will win Cardinal tickets, Maggie O’Brien’s fun with audio, highlights from the GOP convention, Tim thinks CNN was very complimentary on the GOP speeches for both sides, disagreements over politics, Joe calls in with questions about Hilary Clinton, Tim considers which presidential candidate will make the best choices when alone, approval ratings, Steve in Wildwood joins the show delivering some political hot takes, religious right campaigns, Hilary is not going to jail and Steve wants people to get over it, is the Republican campaign focused on abortion, Curt Schilling joins the show and believes abortion is a huge part of the election, Schilling believes Hilary Clinton goes against everything this country stands for, Ben Carson had Schilling’s vote in the beginning, is Donald Trump more presidential when not addressing crowds, what kind of chance does Trump have of winning, are non-Christians alienated from the Republican campaign, Schilling on working at a very liberal company with his conservative view point, clips of Barrack Obama talking about Muslim faith following Schilling’s comments.