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The Blues continue to be inconsistent, how confident are we about them making the playoffs, Hitch wasn’t happy with their puck management, is there a rift between Doug and Chris Wideman’s dad, might take 8 or 9 goals to beat the Caps on Thursday, how would Doug construct the team’s lines, tickets for the Battle on Broadway are currently sold out, Sex Louis might be taking performance enhancing drugs, The Cat has questions about Facebook, what is The Viper, #FunWithAudio as Larry Nickel did his first ever Periscope session last night, was there a vibrator present near Nicksy, Iggy watches pegging videos, our interview with Jesse Jane made headline news in the porn industry, retweets and likes make money, Timberfake painted his toenails and sent a picture to Jennings, the actor who played Johnny Ola in The Godfather was also in The Sopranos, discussion of J-School at Columbia, Plowsy updates us on his quest to reconnect the show with Jackie, do people even check voicemails anymore, what are Doug’s thoughts on the Islanders firing their coach, Doug Weight who once accused The Cat of ween peeking is now the interim head coach, previewing the AFC / NFC Party hosted by Hotshots in Fenton, the Chargers new head coach didn’t have a strong introductory press conference, remembering the incredible column Seth Wickersham co-authored about the Rams move last year before he appears with us later in the program.