TMA: 1.) Show Open: Republican National Convention hot takes

How likely is Jill Kassidy to actually appear on the program today, intern Nolan Ryan turns 21 this fine morn, The Cat is excited about his wireless ear buds, Plowsy discusses his manscaping, is Doug any good at karaoke, Ray Donovan related texts, what is Jill Kassidy doing up so early, has Tim ruined the Sea Monster, should we talk about the Cardinals winning both games in a double-header or Ted Cruz getting booed off stage, Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio from the RNC, this has been a bat crap convention, could somebody in this room be President someday, how much credit does Donald deserve for the Trump kids, how different is the guy at the podium compared to the guy his kids know behind the scenes, what are our expectations for Trump’s speech tonight, Mike Lee opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, there’s a heat dome over the midwest, how good would Gyorko be if he played against the Padres every game, examining the NL races, why haven’t they been able to play consistently well at home, Doug thinks there’s still an outside chance to catch the Cubs, what would it take to acquire Andrew Miller from the Yankees, we haven’t gotten a schedule reading from Douglas in years, what do you think is the 2nd biggest sport behind the NFL.

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