TMA: 1.) Show Open: Press Conference Tuesday

A limited number of additional tickets are going to be made available for The Battle on Broadway, the original offering sold like hotcakes, the Ryan Kelley 24/7 video was released yesterday, what will the Timberfake video be like, The Cat has already purchased a Valentine’s Day gift for Doug, Mike Lee joins the radio program, when is Larry going to start Periscoping again, discussing the Gin Blossoms, is Lady Gaga in good shape, who are the Little Monsters, Iggy has knowledge on Lady Gaga’s shrub situation, Tim wasn’t impressed by the Hot Take topics dominating national programs yesterday, Cowherd tends to yell takes in the direction of his female co-host on a regular basis, Timmy the Tickler calls in on this Press Conference Tuesday, Plowsy plays some very random sounds as drops, how many drops do we have in total, the Blues won last night and Doug wonders why they didn’t call up Agostino before now, Cam Janssen apparently has one of Doug’s pens and tried to use it to Free Dotem yesterday, is TJ Moe still ghostwriting Cam’s tweets, a suspicious package just arrived for Doug, will Martin get upended by the text inbox the same way Tony Messenger was, discussing stepdads who swing, has Iggy ever done any swinging, should you tell your kids that you swing, Plowsy sort of explains the circumstances in which he accidentally saw his mom’s nipple tat, Caller Adam joins the conversation to call out Tom Schmidt of Salt + Smoke.