TMA – 1.) Show Open: Doug complaints, Snapchat talk

Doug has complaints about traffic on 270 and calls himself “Wrong Lane” Vaughn, remembering the rapper Krispy Kreme, Doug always puts off his personal property tax payment, St. Louis Blues owner Tom Stillman is asking for much-needed upgrades to the Scottrade Center, it doesn’t seem antiquated to Doug but there’s a lot of things that the lay person wouldn’t notice according to The Cat, Plowsy has #FunWithAudio of adult stars reading notes from their fans, Doug got social media hacked recently, when will Tim finally get a blue check mark on Twitter, Tim is still watching Game of Thrones, Doug wasn’t impressed by the new Star Wars film, Reggie calls in on The Appliance Discounters phone lines and claims to have once showered with Troy Brouwer, would Cal May be permitted to shower with professional athletes, a discussion of Walter Mondale, Mike Lee joins the presentation, sharing some stories from recent trips to the gym, Plowsy loves to send snapchats of his dog, what is his love-life situation these days, Abigail Mac’s snapchat is a turn-off for Tim, he also doesn’t appreciate Keisha Grey sending snaps of her cat, Plowsy would be fine if ween pics of him leaked, is Doug a good bowler, is velo the key to bowling, Iggy is still out sick today, Salt + Smoke is now sponsoring Plow Boy’s smoke breaks.