TMA – 1.) Show Open: MLS Could be Coming to St. Louis

Dave Peacock will make his inaugural appearance on the presentation today, the Blues had a nice win last night inspiring some words by Doug, listening to Blues post-game audio courtesy of FS Midwest, media here love Hitch’s creative descriptions, Doug and The Cat have played in charity hockey games, people may assume Doug would be good on the ice because he looks Nordic, The Cat wonders why nobody wants to fight Ryan Reaves, how many songs are called Second Time Around, The Cat critiques Charlie for playing all of our Blues audio, would you rather live in a half-finished basement or a custom van, remembering the sitcom Step by Step, The Cat recommends the documentary on Anthony Weiner, now we’re back into politics and Hillary, why does Charlie have a sliding scale when it comes to the credibility of Marv Albert versus Brian Williams, initial thoughts on the SC STL announcement about potentially bringing an MLS team to St. Louis, The Cat enjoys riverfront stadiums, everyone likes a good stadium rendering, when is it proper to wear a scarf, what will they name this soccer club, The Cat likes to collect stadium giveaways as neighborhood currency, #FunWithAudio as Doug made some cocoa with Mo Drummond yesterday, who broke the soccer story, we don’t like the term sister station.