TMA: 1.) Show Open: On Trump’s RNC speech

Kato Kaelin’s appearance today will further solidify us as a variety show, Timberfake has another beautiful lass, how long is a porn shoot, Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio as Kato promos his show Sports Haters, discussing Donald Trump’s speech from last night, plenty #FunWithAudio from the convention, do Republicans need to stop worrying about distracting issues, the Barnhart Brawler opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines and gets sideways with Doug, Timberfake joins the presentation, an audio postcard of Timberfake’s snapchat night at Coldplay, oh no did Plowsy miss an important clip, why was he singing for Toni Lee while out with another woman, will Sex Louis finally fight the Barnhart Brawler, Ray King phones in next with a complaint about Taco Bell.

Fun with audio:
Kato Kaelin promos his show Sports Haters
Audio postcard of Timberfake’s snapchat night