TMA: 1.) Show Open: Hello Chuck

Charlie Marlow joins Tim and Doug this morning, Tim’s got the golf bug back, Doug has some beef with the way certain people play golf, Fred from the poor part of the nail calls in, live broadcast at Hotshots, Bubbles’ girlfriend is an aggressive lesbian, Charlie’s shirt size, Rick Hummel will join the show at 8:30, who was the original Charlie lemming, the awful humidity, what could be the foot fetish Friday prize, when will Doug decide to get out of the business, dust busters, “manscaping,” Charlie wants to look good for his wedding, GoFundMe page raised over $1,300 to get Mike Lee a new bike, Mike Lee needs surgery on his back, Doug relives his argument with the Brawler about urinals, political adds, safety of women in combat, this week will be a defining week for the Cardinals, trades.