TMA: 1.) Show Open: Breaking Down Cardinals Woes

Things are looking grim for the Cardinals as Matt Carpenter is the latest Redbird to get hurt, could Diaz potentially take Carp’s place in the All-Star Game, Maggie O’Briens Fun with Audio as Mike Matheny discussed Matt Carpenter’s status in his post-game carried by FS Midwest, Doug wonders if the time is right to make a trade, Tim thinks for the long-term health of the club it would be better to fall out of the race and become sellers, who on the roster would make the best trade chips, Doug is frustrated by how the backup catcher situation played out having lost Eric Fryer, mix reaction on the text line, Doug wonders if the bullpen was fixed if they could perhaps still make a run, The Cat still wants to see if the Birds are in striking distance come the trade deadline at the end of this month, Kirk opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines joining the Cardinals conversation, is this a parody call, Tim doesn’t think it’s fair to accuse the Cards of sitting on money, caller Dave wants to know why they’ll play Wong out of position and not give Greg Garcia an opportunity … then threatens to burn his jersey, Doug explains why he’s not willing to budge on Deke Dotem’s suspension, Mike Lee is up next with some small talk, Doug has a tip for why you should use towels rather than a blow dryer when cleansing your hands.

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