TMA: 1.) Show Open: SC STL’s Dave Peacock on MLS stadium project

Our program is a veritable Meet the Press today, Alderman Scott Ogilvie wrote a response to what Steve Conway had to say about Thursday’s committee meeting on our show last week, recapping some of the MLS related comments from Christine Ingrassia and Conway on the program, Doug has stadium envy after seeing the new facility being constructed in Atlanta, should we charge money to get into the zoo, will the region be paralyzed until there’s some sort of city and county merger, what did The Cat and Doug eat at Hotshots yesterday, how is Plowsy handling the end of the Packers season, #FunWithAudio as Robert Kraft trolled Goodell when accepting the AFC Championship trophy, The Cat was surprised by the Falcons, Doug describes turf toe, Tim hears static, SC STL Executive Committee member Dave Peacock joins the program to discuss the future of the MLS proposal.