TMA – 1.) Show Open: Charlie fills in for Tim

Charlie Marlow makes his glorious return to this inglorious presentation, he describes his World Series junket, who follows who on Twitter, would people like to have heard Todd Hoffman on the show to talk about the TV program Gold Rush, is the 1849 Gold Rush still going, Plowsy talks about a tragedy taking place in his hometown of Canton IL today, Plow Boy is back on the banana bandwagon after eating mostly donuts the past few weeks, early poll results on Todd Hoffman, is Todd the brother of our own Brian Hoffman, The Cat is still steaming at Sea Monster, Charlie asks about last week’s TMA Live, more discussion of how realistic Gold Rush is on TV, Charlie has trouble keeping up with the text line, have we named the new afternoon show yet, why do so many people spend the night at Cam Janssen’s house, Chuck keeps turning his mic off on accident, The Cat is curious about reports claiming that the Cardinals are looking to acquire a shortstop, fun with ridiculous trade proposals, Doug has knowledge on the show.