TMA – 1.) Show Open: Live from Ryan Kelley’s World HQ

The Boys are on the road this morning at Ryan Kelley’s World Headquarters. Tim spitting hot takes early. Cam Janssen may be tough in the NHL, but is he tough enough to work at KFNS. Doug thinks the more you pay for college the less they go. Too many days off for Thanksgiving. Big Al wants to arm wrestle Cam. Cat is too busy to help work on the under card for Ryan and Timberfake. Big Al was an enforcer at our live Hot Shots remote. Iggy is a Bonnie Rotten lemming. Doug cant understand how a porn star who will do anything for a buck wont let Jay see her feet. Our next live remote at Hot Shots will feature another porn star. A lot going on in Dec at 590 The Fan. Doug would feel out of place if he went to Florida with Tim and his bride. Is Doug into a nice meat filling. Tim had a terrible meal over the weekend. Was it Lil Darnells? Doug wonders if anyone has chased a Filet Douglas with a Banana’s Foster. Time for some Doug drops. Listeners texting in pictures of the deer they killed over the weekend. John Vaughn killed a deer with the car once. A little Hillary in the woods talk. What was the point of the picture?