Timberfake Agrees to Defend Belt Against New Foe

Brendan Marks, Wed, 13 May 2015 16:24:00 GMT

On April 27, 2012, Timberfake went toe to toe with Producer Joe in the boxing squared circle at P.T.’s Sports Cabaret in Sauget, Ill.

After the fight was delayed an hour because a train got stuck on the tracks near P.T.’s, Timberfake pulled off the shock of the century, beating Prod Joe in a unanimous decision.

(Click here if you want to relive the fight and the preparations leading up to the match)

Now, just more than three years later, it appears Timberfake wants to put his title on the line against a new foe.

This time he’s challenging Taylor Griz – or @FrozenPossum9 on Twitter – after his comments on a picture with Taylor and two attractive women led to them trading barbs on Facebook.

Timberfake called in to The Morning After on Wednesday to elaborate.

“I got my booty, she’s from LA, she’s hanging out with this dork. This guy wants to call me a hoosier, I’m like ‘Come get some. Let’s go for a scrap,'” Timberfake said. “I’m the money man. I’m mad about this dude because he called me a south city hoosier. I sent him a message on his Facebook…I told him I’ll come up to Chicago and smack you.”

He then issued the challenge.

“He kind of looks like (Producer Joe). I’ll smack that look out of his face. Somebody get a hold of this guy, I want to fight this guy. I would love it.”

Naturally, The Morning After got in contact with Taylor to see if he would be up for a pugilistic event for the ages.

Taylor provided a clearer picture of what led to the back-and-forth on Facebook (Listen to the segment here).

“A girl…who’s in the picture with her friend. They were in town from LA for work. They’re both from Mizzou and they wanted to go out and see Chicago so I took them out for the night. (Timberfake apparently didn’t like it) and started talking to me on Messenger. And I told him I had a little bit of lip-smacking with her on Monday night. The girl has since texted me and said…she’s never met him.”

So is Taylor up for the fight?

“I told him I would. He said he’s (155 pounds), I’m 168, let’s get it on. I’m dead serious,” Taylor said.

Now all we have to do is lock in Iggy and Larry Nickel as the broadcasters.

To get you in the spirit if the strap is indeed laid on the line, here’s a look at the Producer Joe/Timberfake 24/7 series:

And here’s the match in its entirety: